Home Trust Visa

The Home Trust Secured VISA Credit Card helps you establish or re-establish your credit even if you have had credit difficulties in the past or if you have no credit history. It's an excellent opportunity for students, new comers to Canada and past bankrupts.

The Home Trust Secured VISA requires applicants to "secure" the VISA card by submitting a deposit equal to the credit limit of the card ($1,000 - $10,000) with the application. This money is held in an account that pays 2% interest* on an annual basis. The account is insured by the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). When the cardholder closes their account, their deposit is returned to them once all outstanding payments are made.

*subject to change

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Current Rates

Term ( closed )


Variable 2.25%
1 Year 2.29%
2 Year 2.24%
3 Year 2.39%
4 Year 2.44%
5 Year 2.54%
7 Year 3.09%
10 Year 3.84%

Rates updated December 5th, 2016

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